Improve Sales & Win Customer Loyalty With Scent

Deliver meaningful customer experiences and gain momentum in your small business spaces.  

Every Customer Interaction Matters

High performing businesses use every customer interaction to prove their authenticity and value. Scent marketing makes it easy to maximize the potential of every in-person touchpoint. Our science-backed approach to creating remarkable customer experiences allows you to set a tone in your business that aligns with your brand image and goals.

Why Scent?

The most powerful brands in the world do more than sell a product or service. They create an experience for customers. Our sense of smell helps us understand our surroundings. The brain makes meaning of scents by processing them through the higher cortical and deep limbic areas—the same regions responsible for our emotions and memories.


ScentAir helps brands capitalize on customers’ sense of smell by using scent to invoke feelings and build strong, emotional connections.

Measurable Results That Grow Your Business

ScentAir clients enjoy a strong return on investment. Though results vary, businesses can expect to see an average improvement in many key metrics:


  • 11% increase in retail store sales
  • 7% increase in food sales
  • 8% improvement of food quality scores
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores

“Scent is the most memorable of the senses. We feel scent is an exciting and important part of the guest experience.”

Senior Vice President, Westin Hotels and Resorts