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Like sunshine on a cool breeze, Line Dried Linen is where invigorating freshness meets the warmth of simple pleasures. Notes of bright and sunny citrus, honey-sweet orange blossom, and a bouquet of violet and rose blend for a crisp fragrance, clean and pristine. This is the scent of a new day and a fresh start, full of lightness, ease, and optimism.

PREMIUM FRAGRANCES FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Fresh Linen is part of the Crisp & Invigorating fragrance family from ScentAir. ScentAir diffusers use patented dry-air fragrance technology to scent YOUR space FOR hours of uninterrupted ambient scenting.
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Product Overview THOUGHTFULLY FORMULATED AND RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: - Bio-Static: Oil-based & bacteria resistant - Cruelty-free and never tested on animals - Vegan, meaning no animal-derived ingredients - Kosher & Halal: Alcohol-free DEVELOPED TO MEET YOUR SCENTING GOALS Odor-Neutralization Technology that eliminates odors at the source Essential Oils derived from pure essential oils for luxurious and consistent scenting SAFE FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE: ScentAir fragrances do NOT contain components found to be carcinogenic per: - National Toxicology Department (NTP) - International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) MADE IN AMERICA ScentAir fragrances are made in the USA and available only in North America. - Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)
Fragrance Experience Crisp & Invigorating
Odor Neutralizing No