Common FAQs

Will I be notified if my system is disabled or goes down?
If you connect and manage your system via, yes, you will be able to sign up to receive an alert if your device goes off or is offline. If using the ScentAir app you will receive notifications through the app.

What happens if my Wi-Fi goes down or is not available?
Wi-Fi connectivity is required for the Whisper PRO advanced scheduling and control features. If Wi-Fi connectivity is lost, or if the device is never setup on Wi-Fi, the Whisper PRO can be controlled via Bluetooth or manually.

What are the benefits of using ScentConnect or the ScentAir App to control my Whisper PRO?
Via ScentConnect or the ScentAir App, you’ll be able to control your device settings and daily scenting volumes. ScentConnect and the ScentAir App offers a single point of access so you can view and manage multiple connected ScentAir devices all in one place. With total control and virtually endless daily scent scheduling options, you’ll be able to create the ideal fragrance experience for your business.

Will ScentAir Whisper PRO be monitored 24/7?
Yes, ScentConnect checks for device alerts 24/7. Customers who opt to receive alerts (on the user setup screen) will automatically receive email alert notifications in rare instances of their device going offline or turning off.

How often will refill cartridges be shipped?
Cartridges will ship monthly.

What are the system requirements to manage my Whisper PRO via Wi-Fi?
In order to manage your Whisper PRO using Wi-Fi you must have access to a password protected Wi-Fi network.

What are the system requirements to manage my Whisper PRO via Bluetooth?
In order to manage your Whisper PRO using Bluetooth you must download the ScentAir smartphone app and be within approximately 20 feet of your device. The Bluetooth feature is a great option for businesses with strict IT protocols that do not allow additional devices on the company Wi-Fi network.

What if I want to manage my Whisper PRO using only the manual settings?
Manually managing your Whisper PRO is the quickest and most straightforward way of using your device. But it has some drawbacks. Managing your device without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will limit your experience. You’ll have access to only the basic control settings. For full scheduling capabilities and LED lighting controls, you must manage your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Is ScentConnect available in my language?
ScentConnect is currently available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Can I purchase if I am a tax-exempt business?

To subscribe to ScentAir business services, please call us at 888-683-7304 so we can verify your tax exempt status and help you with your order.

Can I subscribe if I live outside of the U.S.?
Not at this time. However, we are working hard to expand to other countries in the very near future! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

How do I change my fragrance selection?
Please contact Customer Service at 704-504-2320 to make any fragrance changes.