Your Smallest Customer Experience Spaces Can Be Powerful Places

Every customer interaction matters — even in the smallest business spaces. In the digital age, in-person touchpoints are more than routine transactions. It’s about the experience. Yet consumers report that only 1 in 4 brands are distinct from their competitors. Use the tool giving many of the world’s most recognizable brands their cutting edge. Scent marketing empowers businesses to differentiate themselves and leave customers with a lasting impression.

How The ScentAir Fragrance Subscription Works 

→ Choose Your Fragrance

Select the fragrance(s) that match your business and customer experience goals.

→ Activate Your Monthly Service

Check out with your fragrance(s) and your ScentAir Whisper Pro (sold separately) to activate your ScentAir fragrance subscription.

→ Get Your Fragrance When You Need It

Automatically receive monthly fragrance refills so your business always makes a great impression. 

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Scent Marketing is
Proven to Grow Business

Strenghten Brand Identity

Improve Customer Satisfaction up to 20%

Generate up to 11% More Sales Revenue

Proven to Grow Business

Strengthen Brand Identity

Improve Customer Satisfaction up to 20%‡

Generate up to 11% More Sales Revenue*